We meet with a group at a restaurant in California the first week of May. We were very skeptical of everything at first but after we talked with the owner of the group Josie, he put our minds at ease. We have 4 sons and 9 grandkids. We see the value of vacationing with our family but it's very hard to on a limited budget. Josie showed us how we could use RCI Points and a product from Angwell Travel call Signature Club to take our family on vacation. Josie explained that his company contracts Angwell Travel to handle the closing and customer service and for us to call him or their office for our first reservation and trip... 

Well, I normally do not write things like this on the internet but because of the great customer service, I felt compelled to let future customers know how great it feels to have support like this. We were able to book our entire family to go to Florida next month. We have 4 two bedroom condos and 1 three bedroom condo booked and it cost us under $1800 for the whole week for all of the condos.

Thank you again Josie and thank you Angwell Travel for working together with such a great group.
I just wanted to thank Brian and Kelly for helping me last March. We were invited to dinner to talk about our timeshare and Kelly sat and ate with us and explained how we were paying too much in fees to our resort and that we were limited on our trading through our exchange company. I got allot of questions answered of why I could never get the vacations I wanted with my timeshare. By the end of our meeting Brian, Kelly's boss came and sat with us and was able to save us over $1100 a year on resort fees. We just booked our first trip with our new program and leave in a month to go to New York!!! Thank you again Kelly you were so nice; And Brian, thank you for taking the time to listen to all of our problems and helping us out. You guys are the best! My husband is even excited and that's a tough thing to see happen. ;) We'll let you know how the trip went! 
Thank you for setting up the most amazing trip I have ever been on. The Caribbean is the most wonderful place in the world! AWESOME TRIP!!!
Not to sure how this works but I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you've done for me. I only see my son once a year and I'm not the richest guy in the world. Times have been rough over the last few years not seeing my son so the times I do get to see him I try to make it worth it. Because of you guys, now when my boy comes to see me we don't just go to the park, I got to take him to Disney. Not much more to say, just thank you for everything.
Last year I met the most amazing person in the world. Recently divorced, I decided to do something my ex-husband and I never did, go see the world and enjoy life. My vacation through Angwell and RCI led me to
New York City. I had never been to such an amazing place. There were things to see and do everywhere. It was a bit overwhelming at first but then I met Brett, the man that changed my life. He was visiting the city for the second time and asked if he could show me around. Long story short a year later he is my sole mate, travel buddy and most important, the love of my life.